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K 3 1 s e r i e s P r o t e c t i o n R e l a y T e s t S e t

Model: K3130i Brand: Kingsine


Small, lightweight(17.5kg) all in one box solution, with optional IEC61850 SV, IEC61850 GOOSE, energy meter & transducer calibration modules, fully functions KRT software allow advance
state sequence, ramping, overcurrent, distance, differential, power swing, synchronizer modules, etc.


7 Channels (4V + 3I) output. Each output channels are independent control of magnitude, phase angle & frequency values, can generate a variety of output waveforms such as: DC; sinewave; sinewave with percent harmonics at various phase angles etc.


Independent variable battery simulator (DC 15~350V, 140watts).


Anti-clipping detect; cabinet grounding, wrong wiring connect alarm and selfprotect, overload and over heat protection.


Test high burden electromechanical relays, 6x10A continuously outputs.


Provide convenient and prompt precision calibration for amplitude and phase by
software without open the cabinet.

Light weight & State of art design, 17Kg only.



  1. Graphical test modules and templates for testing of various relays
  2. Quick relay testing facility in Manual mode
  3. Point & Click testing
  4. RIO/XRIO import and export facility
  5. Switch on to fault (SOTF)
  6. Power system model for dynamic testing
  7. GPS sync end-to-end testing
  8. Online vector display
  9. Automatic compare actual characteristic with expected characteristic
  10. Comtrade file generate and playback
  11. Automatic test report creation


Model: K3130i(3x35A, 4x310V)

SKU: 20230523-001
6-8 weeks after full payment
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